HXP R120 (EL6000)
  120w Metal Halide Lamp  Please Note:  All lamp orders are subject to a £5 ex VAT delivery charge
Price £397 ex VAT
Practical zoom stereomicroscope
The SMZ-140 line is the most versatile stereomicroscope manufactured by Motic. The list of applications may seem only a few, but each day presents another opportunity to incorporate this fantastic microscope into one’s system. The basic model...
Price £400 ex VAT
Part No. 10044
The new Photonic LED Hi-Power spot has been specifically developed for microscopy illumination tasks. The special construction of this spot allows optimal heat dissipation over the cooling fins so that the illuminated objects will not be heated. The...
Price £400 ex VAT
Part No. 596-20-350.99
Photonic is one of the leading companies in the optics and opto-electronics industry and has gained a great deal of expertise in the field of light projection and fiber optics.Indeed, our experience dates back to the founding years of the optical...
Price £413 ex VAT
Top level zoom microscopes
The NexiusZoom stereo microscopes from Euromex enable to examine your specimen with high-performance precision and generate two- and three dimensional images allowing observation for your highest demanding microscopy applications. These top level...
Price £420 ex VAT
Dino-Lite handheld microscopes with infrared light or combinations between infrared and ultraviolet light.
Price £434 ex VAT
Dino-Lite handheld microscopes with fluorescent LEDs to visualize fluorescence from 395nm to 610nm
Price £435 ex VAT
The Next Generation of Moticams
The Moticam 2 offers a great combination of high resolution live imaging, while still remaining fast and affordable. Ideal for use not only in Colleges and Universities but also clinics and veterinary centres, this camera offers something for...
Price £449 ex VAT
Enables long productive sessions for students, beginners, intermediates, and advanced teaching
The BioBlue Lab microscope models offer great functionality and are equipped with WF10x/20mm eyepieces with larger field of views and plan or plan 4x/10x/S40x/S100x-oil or plan phase10x/20x/S40x/S100x-oil IOS infinity corrected objectives   The...
Price £450 ex VAT
No More Mercury
The new pE-100 Combiner from CoolLED allow you to combine two pE-100's together for a single connection to one microscope. Enjoy being able to instantly switch between two wavelengths of light or use them both simultaneously for combined...
Price £490 ex VAT
Part No. 595-20-143
These ringlights can be attached to the microscope lens and permit darkfield illumination of objects. Photonics darkfield ringlights are continuous ringlights with a 1000mm length cable.(Lightsource not included)
Price £504 ex VAT
For mobile applications
The Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes have created a whole new category of products in the electronics industry. With more than 80 different models, the Dino-Lite microscopes cover a wide range of applications, far exceeding the traditional microscope....
Price £509 ex VAT
Part No.10060
The new Photonic LED lightsource F3000 has been developed for routine and high-end applications in the sector of microscopy. This light source is compatible with all fibre-optic lights in the Photonic series and is brighter than a 150 W halogen...
Price £533 ex VAT
Unique Motic design
The fixed arn stand with incident and transmitted illumination make the DM-39 an ideal and safe microscope to be used by students. With a high resolution of 3.0 Megapixels, the integrated digital camera will capture crisp clear pictures.  The...
Price £540 ex VAT
Dino-Lite 7013 HR Range
The new Dino-Lite 7013 HR models provide crystal clear high resolution images of superior quality. The 5 megapixel sensor makes it possible to display microscopic images, without loss of quality, on large screens or when large images should be...
Price £543 ex VAT