Strobe, UV, Infrared, Polarized, Green & Blue Lighting Options
Many specialized applications in science, forensics, medical and engineering research and inspection, require special lighting. For these applications, Dino-Lite models were created with ultraviolet lighting, infrared lighting, polarized lighting...
Price £332 ex VAT
CapillaryScope, DermaScope, IrisScope & More...
The Dino-Lite digital microscopes have created a whole new category of products in many different markets. With more than 70 different models, the Dino-Lite microscopes cover a wide range of applications, far exceeding the traditional microscope.The...
Price £332 ex VAT
Eyetube, Eyepiece & C-mount Connections Avalible
Dino-Eye Premier AM7023 digital eyepiece is an USB 2.0 powered device that has five megapixels of resolution that allows large detailed images under the microscope with picture sizes up to 2592x1944. The eyepiece fits traditional microscopes with...
Price £332 ex VAT
Part No. 595-20-039
Flexible Illumination lightguides are easily positioned and permit spot illumination. This is a 2-arm active Ø 2x8mm L=1000mm Lightguide.
Price £335 ex VAT
Teaching and learning made easy
The Leica ES2 is the perfect solution for the high-school market. This new Leica educational stereomicroscope combines superb optical and illumination quality with ease of use and comfort for extended use. The rugged design is completely maintenance...
Price £339 ex VAT
Hi Power 2 Spot Kit
Part No. 10068
Equipped with extremely bright High Power LEDs, this light source offers more than sufficient light for demanding applications and large image fields. Particular care was given in its design to a homogenous light spot and neutral white light with a...
Price £342 ex VAT
Part No. 10011
UV (Blacklight) ringlight set (66mm). This fluorescent ringlight set is equipped with a UV lamp to produce blacklight. This special light is used to make the fluorescent qualities of some materials visible. There are various applications for such...
Price £347 ex VAT
Combines imaging power with effortless control
Q Capture Pro 7 provides state-of-the-art imaging and analysis capability for acquiring, enhancing and analyzing images with simple to use live true colour imaging and correction. It was designed for easy user interaction and offers quick access...
Price £350 ex VAT
Microscopes for education designed for biology classes
The beautiful stylish design of the BioBlue series stands out among all other microscopes of this kind. It has been especially designed for biology classes of educational institutes and small laboratories.   The image shown is only an example...
Price £350 ex VAT
Part No.10030
The new Photonic F1 LED light source has set a further milestone in the development of modern cold light sources. This light source combines LED illumination with the wide range of possibilities offered by a fibre-optic lamp. With the use of the...
Price £360 ex VAT
LED Backlight
Part No. 10056
This transmitted light illuminator can be positioned on the stereomicroscope work surface and features exceptionally uniform daylight-quality illumination, long-life LEDs and a compact design.
Price £365 ex VAT
Part No.10049
The LED ringlight provides for exceptionally bright and homogenous object illumination and is designed for 66/40 mm lens diameter microscopes. The ringlight is secured by means of a screw and spring to protects the lens. This set comes complete with...
Price £370 ex VAT
Mains Powered Educational Upright LED Microscope
For improved academic microscopy, Motic's 2820 series offer a unique ergonomic shape as well as superior optics than the standard DIN objectives. Available in different versions, including binocular, the 18 and 28 series offer a wide range at an...
Price £379 ex VAT
Part No. 595-20-005
These ringlights can be attached to the microscope lens and permit shadow-free illumination of three-dimensional objects. Photonics standard ringlights are provided with a unique variable focusing attachment, which enables the light output to be...
Price £385 ex VAT
In Metal Housing
Dino-Lite digital microscopes are often used in industrial environments with high demands on durability and reliability. To offer increased protection and durability the Dino-Lite models are also offered with metal housing. The robust aluminum alloy...
Price £394 ex VAT