LED Hi Power Spot 1 Kit
Part No. 10035
The new Photonic LED Hi-Power spot has been specifically developed for microscopy illumination tasks. The special construction of this spot allows optimal heat dissipation over the cooling fins so that the illuminated objects will not be heated. The...
Price £220 ex VAT
Part No. 595-20-140
This instrument was developed for all Photonic Optics flexible light guides, incident light guides and gooseneck light guides. Permits the optimal detection of various surface structures.
Price £224 ex VAT
Part No. 596-20-150.99
Photonic is one of the leading companies in the optics and opto-electronics industry and has gained a great deal of expertise in the field of light projection and fiber optics. Indeed, our experience dates back to the founding years of the...
Price £230 ex VAT
The Dino-Lite Universal series provides a broad range of products with the highest image quality, as well as very user-friendly software with comprehensive measurement functions, and several unique hard and software features to satisfy the most...
Price £244 ex VAT
Dino-Lite television model with improved color rendering
The Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes have created a whole new category of products in the electronics industry. With more than 80 different models, the Dino-Lite microscopes cover a wide range of applications, far exceeding the traditional microscope....
Price £247 ex VAT
Part No. 595-20-033
Flexible Illumination lightguides are easily positioned and permit spot illumination. This is a 1-arm 8mm L=1000mm lightguide.
Price £254 ex VAT
Compact, modular cold light source for stereomicroscopes
The Leica L2 cold light source is a powerful, compact, and affordable system suited for all applications in industry and science. The fiber optic light guides are carefully matched to the cold light source, creating an optimized system designed to...
Price £259 ex VAT
Part No. 10010
The new Photonic Optics fluorescence ringlight is especially designed for illumination tasks where a very uniform and even light is required, like for microscopy or image processing.  The fluorescence ringlight provides the illumination area...
Price £260 ex VAT
Dino-Lite 4113 Range
Dino-Lite Pro digital microscopes give professional users high picture quality as well as comprehensive measurement functions. The 1.3 megapixel image sensor provides a high resolution and sharp picture, with a large field of view. A broad range of...
Price £261 ex VAT
Uniform and flicker-free illumination
The new Leica-FLRL is especially designed for illumination tasks where a very uniform and even light is required, like for microscopy or image processing. These, and the following qualities, make the FLRL the ideal illumination system for a wide...
Price £265 ex VAT
Dino-Lite handheld microscopes with ultraviolet (UV) light or a combination between UV and white light. 
Price £266 ex VAT
For tasks where extra distance to the object and a larger field of view is required Dino-Lite offers a series of Long Working Distance (LWD) microscopes. The extra working distance and larger field of view make this series an ideal...
Price £279 ex VAT
Dino-Lite models within the High Magnification series exceed a magnification of 200 times and  offer magnifications of 400x, 500x or even a dazzling 900 times. Microscopes in this range offer an image resolution of 1.3 megapixel or 5...
Price £279 ex VAT
Part No. 1101002000011
Cool and even illumination with standard remote control and switching power supply The MLC-150C is a 21V/150W EKE Halogen fiber optic illuminator with the ability to travel the world without a converter thanks to its switching power supply. You...
Price £280 ex VAT
Part No.MS25X
The MS25X inspection table assists you to move and inspect objects under the scope. You can move the MS25X rotatable plate in an X and Y axis with up to 24cm of diagonal movement and also have the ability to rotate the object 360 degrees. The...
Price £285 ex VAT