Q Imaging Rolera Bolt

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The Rolera Bolt, new Scientific CMOS camera

Designed for demanding high-speed, low-light imaging and as a cost-effective solution, it was designed to meet the imaging requirements for a diverse set of applications ranging from live cell fluorescence to whole organism motility studies. Capable of streaming at 30 full frames per second with 1.3 mega-pixel resolution and 3e- read noise, the Rolera Bolt is perfect for tracking high-speed dynamic events with detailed spatial and temporal resolution

Your Advantages:

- High Quantum Efficiency: Sensitivity for demanding imaging applications
- High-Speed Readout: Previewing & focusing in real time, 30fps full resolution
- Low-Noise: Quantitation & imaging of low light levels
- 12 Bit Readout: More than 4,000 grey levels per pixel
- USB 2.0: Simple connectivity, ease of use & installation
- Extensive Application Software Support: Choose from a large selection of life science & industrial software for microscopy, machine vision, & video-streaming functions
- Dark Current: Pixel-Freeze Technology minimizes dark current through careful electronic design

Standard Specification:

- New Pixel-Freeze Technology
- 1.3MP, 3.63 Micron Monochrome Pixel
- 30 Full Frames Per Second
- 3 Electron Read Noise
- Small Footprint
- USB2 Camera (power supply not required)

Optional Upgrades & Extras:

- A variety of C-mounts for attaching your camera to your microscope
- Image-Pro Insight Software Upgrade

- Image-Pro Plus Image Processing and Analysis Software
- CMOS and CCD sensor cleaning kit to keep your camera in optimal condition
- RGB Filter Module for taking Hi-Res colour images with Monochrome cameras
- Magnetic c-mounts for quickly and safely changing cameras between microscope
- Extend your warranty to 5 years to protect your investment
- Service Support package to suit your needs

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