Media Cybernetics Image-Pro Premier 9.0

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Incorporating more than 25 years of user input, Image-Pro Premier provides intuitive tools that make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze, and share your images and valuable data. Rely on our worldwide network of Image-Pro partners, superb training tools, and technical support team to help you get started and keep your research moving forward. Try Image-Pro Premier today and discover what makes Image-Pro from Media Cybernetics® the leading image analysis software.
Implement sophisticated image processing and enhancement functions with two clicks or less. Image-Pro Premier makes it easy to analyze and reveal important details within your images.Extract quantifiable data from your images with a variety of measurement tools. Easily measure distances, regions, angles, and more. Use one-click tools to automatically segment, count, measure, and characterize objects. Image-Pro Premier’s automation tools not only save time by eliminating repetitive steps, but more importantly, they minimize the chance of errors or inconsistencies. To watch a video introduction about Image-Pro Premier 9.0, please click here.

Your Advantages:

- Easily Capture Single-Frame Images & Time-Lapse Experiments
- Live Tiling – No Automation Needed
- Live Measurements
- Fast Acquisition & Streaming to Disk
- Live Extended Depth of Field – No Automation Needed
- Auto-Alignment & Extended Depth of Focus
- Correct for Noise & Enhance Detail with Filters
- Overlay & Compare Images
- Extract & Merge Color Channels
- Navigate & Edit Movies in Gallery View
- Post-Acquisition Tiling
- Visualize Images in 3D
- Batch-Process Multiple Images
- Measure Intensity over Time
- Analyze Ringed Structures & Detect Edges
- Track Moving Objects
- Analyze the Spatial Distribution of Objects
- Sort Counted Objects
- Measure Objects within Objects
- Annotate & Copy Images
- Record Your Work
- Graphical or Code-Based Macro & App Editing
- Create Reports in PDF, Microsoft® Word®, PowerPoint® & Excel®
- Document Your Steps Using the Audit Trail
- Create, Download & Share Custom Apps

Standard Specification:

• Single-frame & movie acquisition
• Streaming to disk
• Instant acquisition
• Crosshair grid overlay
• Live image comparison
• Live tiling & Live EDF acquisition
• TWAIN acquisition

Process & Analyze
• Post-acquisition alignment & EDF
• Post-acquisition tiling
• Image overlay & comparison tools
• Fast Fourier Transform
• Frame averaging
• Color composite
• Pseudocolor
• Image math
• Filters – enhancement, edge, large, morphological, 3D
• Binary mask
• Sequence/movie editing
• Bitmap analysis
• High-dynamic-range processing
• Overlay Features Manager
• Background subtraction/correction
• Auto trace and magic wand
• ROI inverse (donut ROI)
• Batch-process folders of images
• Grid tool

Measure & Quantify
• Advanced line profile analysis
• Manual measurements
• Measure live images
• Snap-to-edge measurements
• Best-fit measurements
• Track moving objects
• Track merging & fading objects
• Measure intensity over time
• Auto calibration
• Collect data from multiple images & image frames
• Manually tag objects

Count & Classify
• Automatically find, count & measure objects
• Classify objects
• Smart Segmentation
• Sort objects
• Automatic object splitting
• Parent/child analysis
• Percent area analysis
• Count objects on multi-frame image
• Measure distances between counted objects
• Measure distance of objects from reference object
• Create Voronoi map to measure neighboring objects

Automate Imaging Tasks
• Automate tasks with recorded macros
• Macro programming for more advanced users
• Macro packaging for easy sharing
• Custom application builder

Report & Share
• Annotate
• Quick save for publication & analysis
• Export to Excel, PowerPoint & Word
• Create automatic reports (including PDF)
• Create snapshot of zoomed image
• Create snapshot with overlays

• Surface plot view & movie creator
• Gallery view
• Lock & zoom multiple images
• Full-screen mode
• 3D viewer & movie creator
• Slicer view

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