Rolera Bolt by Q-Imaging

Rolera bolt - Scientific CMOS Technology for High Speed and Low Light Imaging:

Introducing the Rolera Bolt Scientific CMOS camera for high speed and low light imaging applications.

As a cost-effective solution, the Rolera Bolt is designed to meet the imaging requirements for a diverse set of applications ranging from live cell fluorescence to whole organism motility studies. Capable of streaming at 30 full frames per second with 1.3 mega-pixel resolution and 3e-read noise, the Rolera Bolt is perfect for tracking high speed dynamic events with detailed spatial and temporal resolution.

The USB 2.0 digital interface allows easy installation with a single cable for both power and data communication and eliminates the need for expensive framegrabbers or an external power supply. The compact design makes it easy to mount and transfer the camera between microscopes and labs providing the perfect imaging workhorse.

As with all other Q Imaging cameras, the Rolera bolt is backed by an industry leading two-year limited warranty. The Rolera Bolt is compatible with many popular imaging applications and includes the QCapture Software for Windows which offers real time image preview and capture.

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