Leica TL5000 Ergo

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Flat LED Transmitted Light base with Automatic Aperture for Stereo Microscopes and Macroscopes


The extremely flat Leica TL5000 Ergo LED transmitted light base with automatic aperture has an extremely homogeneous brightfield, optimized Rottermann Contrast™ and a low-reflection darkfield.
The automatic aperture adjusts itself automatically to the zoom position of the optics and always offers the best possible contrast for the respective specimen. With the large field of view (diameter of 65 mm), even entire organisms can be studied with high precision.
With full integration into the LAS and LAS AF software, the fully automated and encoded TL5000 Ergo LED transmitted light base can also be used for reproducible tasks.
Your Advantages: 
- Easy handling, time-saving, and always perfectly configured contrast settings, the adjustment of the size and position of the light source happens automatically according to the zoom position of the optics – easier handling, images with outstanding contrast, considerable savings in time.
- Ergonomics Ergonomically flat LED transmitted light base for fatigue-free work on the specimen and easier handling with manipulators.
- Full integration of the LED transmitted light base into the Leica LAS and LAS AF software environment. All settings configured on the base can be saved and restored. Ideal for reproducible tasks.
- Ergonomics Ergonomically flat LED transmitted light base for fatigue-free work on the specimen and easier handling with manipulators.
- LED Technology providing powerful illumination from a homogenous bright field with a diameter of 65 mm, Rottermann Contrast™ and low-reflection dark field - The latest LED technology gives you bright, homogeneous and colour-neutral illumination that is independent of intensity.

Standard Specification:


- Only Compatible with Leica M-Series Microscopes
- Light source: LED Light Source
- Illuminated field BF:  65 mm
- Rottermann Contrast™ system (RC™)
- Anti-Shock™ pads
- Integrated filter holder
- Internal shutter/lamp control
- Remote control options
- Size (W×H×D, in mm) 340 × 440 × 95

Optional Upgrades & Extras:


- Integrated heating stage
- Integrated slide adapter
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