Microscope Servicing
​Save 50% on Microscope Servicing booked in 2018


- Experienced, professional engineers

- High quality microscope servicing

- Detailed service report upon completion

New Product: The 'ErgoBall'

 - Manipulate your specimens easily

 - Alternative inserts available for other applications

 - Simple and ingenious!

C-mount adapters
New: Fullerscope Services Ltd Range of Adapters
  • Announcing the launch of our own range of 1.0x c-mount & f-mount adapters
  • Competetively priced, made in the UK and available for most microscopes
  • Offering an affordable solution without losing quality.

Dedicated to excellent customer service...

Fullerscope Services Ltd of Oxfordshire are here to help you find the right microscope and help you maintain it with excellent microscope servicing and microscope repairs. Whether you are looking for a stereo microscope, compound microscope, inverted microscope, digital microscope or macroscope - we are the Oxford & UK microscope experts you need. We are ready to offer you advice when buying a microscope. We also offer a wide range of additional services including microscope servicing, microscope repairs, imaging services, equipment hire and training.  Our professional microscope service engineers have years of experience in the servicing and repair of microscopes across Oxford, Oxfordshire and the United Kingdom (UK). 


We can offer you microscopes from all the top suppliers including Leica microscopes, Zeiss microscopes, Olympus microscopes, Nikon microscopes, Motic microscopes, Euromex microscopes and Dino-Lite microscopes. We also supply an extensive range of microscope accessories including microscope cameras, microscope lighting, microscope lamps, microscope bags and microscope camera adapters.  Based in Oxfordshire, Fullerscope Services Ltd are passionate about fun and safe science for children. If you are looking for a microscope for a child or hobbyist then we have excellent educational and amateur microscope options for you to choose from.

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Leica Microsystems unites all advantages of digital technology with first-class camera performance and high-end optics.

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Specimen manipulation made easy.

New range of 1.0x c-mount and f-mount adapters now in stock...

The extremely flat Leica TL5000 Ergo LED transmitted light base with automatic aperture.